AWS ECR Credentials when using registry-image Resource Type

Hi folks,

I am using the registry-image resource type as that seems to be the recommended way to interact with a Docker Registry these days. However, we use AWS ECR and this resource type doesn’t offer a way to use an AWS access key and secret key to authenticate the way the legacy docker-image resource type does.

Has anyone solved this or have ideas of the easiest way to do it?

My current theory is to set up a small cron that would retrieve valid login credentials via the AWS CLI and push them into Vault every 12 hours to ensure there are always valid credentials. While not ideal, that would at least get me going for now.

Any help appreciated :pray:

Not supported just yet, see:

The legacy docker-image resource remains the current supported path for ECR users for the time being.

Thanks, will switch back to docker-image for now. Thanks.