Automate concourse oauth login


Is it possible to automate the login process using a github oauth account?

e.g. if I have a github team as my current “main team”

and I add a “robot” github account to that team (an account we use for automation) and then approve the concourse oauth application for that user

is it possible to do a fly login or similar through the command line without requiring a browser?

ideally i don’t want to use a local user because I don’t want that user’s configuration to come from a the process config file


Very similar to this question too.

How to get concourse auth token when I login concourse in the without browser Linux server

Just thought I’d link similar questions.


Yep we’re chasing a similar problem.

I don’t like using the config file that the web server runs as being the authoritative SoR on a machine account since I can’t revoke it without a re-deploy. Seems like there should be a way to make this work machine to machine. It’s definitely a little muddier now with dex / 4.0 and the new auth flow.