Artifactory Token Auth


I’ve been using the Artifactory resource getting username and password from vault. Our environment is changing in that I’ll no longer be able to upload to artifactory using these creds but instead must use them to get a token and then use the token to auth to artifactory.

A buddy and I wrote a resource in go that gets a token and stores it to a file in a container similiar to what the sem-ver resource does.

Is there a way to use the contents of this file in my put step? Or is there a way to make the token available to the resource somehow?

At this point shelling out to curl seems to be my only option but I’m trying to use resources instead of scripts.



As vito recently pointed out, configuration from file doesn’t work for resources since they would need the same information for check/get.

Your best bet is probably to create a custom version of the artifactory resource that knows how to retrieve from vault.

Hopefully, with eventual improvements to the credential providers, concourse will eventually support multiple backends, including backends that generate temporary credential sets.