Any plans to support Hygieia?

I’m looking for a dashboard option for pipelines metrics and came across Hygieia. Any idea if anyone else is working on to support it? Also, are there any other options available?

I’ve never heard of Hygenia.

Concourse outputs metrics automatically. Usually I see people capture these metrics with a telegraf + influxdb then build dashboards in grafana. We’ve got a fairly comprehensive grafana dashboard (based on a dashboard that was graciously donated to us by Gerhard that we bundle with our Control-Tower tool.

I’ve also heard of people using datadog for Concourse metrics. IIRC this is what the Concourse team is doing now with their internal deployment.

Thanks for the response @crsimmons. I’m aware that Concourse outputs some metrics automatically and also have gone through the Concourse dashboards itself. Sorry I wasn’t clear on my requirements initially but I’m specifically looking for CICD dashboard options (and not the infra related itself). Concourse UI itself provides some of these in thumbnail style but looking for more scenarios as the Hygieia provides. Please check it out if possible.
Basically, by looking at the dashboard, anyone should be able to see where the specific commit is on the pipeline, any pipeline deviations, time metrics, team and executive dashboards, etc