[ANN] Cogito, a new GitHub status resource

we are happy to announce cogito, a new Concourse GitHub status resource.

We wrote cogito because we wanted a robust and fast resource. We are using it in production since a few months.

Cogito ( Co ncourse git status res o urce) is a Concourse resource to update the GitHub status of a commit during a build. The name is a humble homage to René Descartes.

Written in Go, it has the following characteristics:

  • As lightweight as possible (Docker Alpine image).
  • Extensive test suite.
  • Autodiscovery of configuration parameters.
  • No assumptions on the git repository (for example, doesn’t assume that the default branch is main or that branch main even exists).
  • Helpful error messages when something goes wrong with the GitHub API.
  • Configurable logging for the three steps (check, in, out) to help troubleshooting.
  • Boilerplate code generated with ofcourse

Neat, can you tell me why I’d use it over https://github.com/colstrom/concourse-github-status ?

That was the resource we were using before. We wrote cogito because it was difficult to debug when something was going wrong. Last problem we had is that it made the assumption that branch master (1) had to exist in a repo and (2) it had to be queried also when on another branch.