A windows worker without any resource type - Is that normal?

I got a “check failed” with “base resource type not found: git” in my first try of pipeline.
Following is my pipeline yaml, it was validated with fly validate-pipeline:


  • name: docbook-source
    type: git
    uri: d:/test


  • name: validatedocbook
    • get: docbook-source
      trigger: true
    • task: validate
      platform: windows
      type: registry-image
      repository: python
      - name: docbook-source
      path: test.py

fly workers -d got the only worker running on my machine, with the “resource types” value “none”.
I notice the discuss No Resource Types on Mac Worker. Shall I presume that a windows worker does not have any resource type by default? If so, how can I get my worker node a git resource type? I don’t suppose “other workers” because I don’t want to make things complex.

All of the resource types that come included in Concourse rely on there being at least one linux worker in the cluster. I don’t think there’s a way to avoid having at least one linux worker since defining custom resource types would still require either the docker-image or registry-image resource types to be available.

I don’t know how you’ve deployed Concourse but I just followed the docker-compose quickstart guide on my Mac and the resulting Concourse has a linux worker with all the expected resource types.