500 Internal Server error

I’ve couple of resources in pcf-pipeline/install-pcf/aws in error state :

  1. pivnet-opsmgr
  2. pivnet-elastic-runtime.

I don’t know why but below is the error message I get from the command line :

$ fly -t aws check-resource -r deploy-dev-pcf/pivnet-elastic-runtime
error: Unexpected Response
Status: 500 Internal Server Error

$ fly -t aws check-resource -r deploy-dev-pcf/pivnet-opsmgr
error: Unexpected Response
Status: 500 Internal Server Error

From the UI I’m seeing “file not found” error. Nothing else.
Please advise what is wrong & how do I get more descriptive logs. pcf-pipeline version : 0.23.6. Fly version : 3.6.0. PCF Version I’m trying to install is 2.1


Its hard to say what the issue is from the information provided.

Could you share the resource configuration for those resources from your pipeline?

Hi pdev1, i encountered similar issue. Please Check-resource returning 500 Internal Server Error for details.

Cleaning 2 tables in the atc database did the trick for me resource_caches and resource_cache_uses (this one first).

Hope this helps

Dear @davidtroch
Awesome, thanks for your help. I’ve noted it.
While I waiting, I recreated the concourse and after that no more 500 errors.
But, in the install-pcf/aws pipeline, upload-ert fails with failed to login error. Any idea about this ?

Also, where can I check the logs for concourse piepline that I run ?


That error is most likely om failing to log in to the ops manager. Make sure you’re passing the correct credentials into the pipeline.

For getting logs out of a concourse job you can check in the UI or use fly watch. You can also intercept a running container to see what’s going on.

I’ve used the legacy API token & the login worked,