4.0: Specifying multiple local users using environment variable


Thanks for 4.0! We’re excited to use it.

We’d like to specify multiple local users, but want to use environment variables instead of flags. What is the format required to do this? e.g. CONCOURSE_ADD_LOCAL_USER=user1:bcrypt_pass1,user2:bcrypt_pass2

Is it even possible? If so, are there escaping concerns?



I…think that should just work. We configure “,” as the splitter for env vars. Have ya tried it?


Just tried it and it worked, thanks! Probably should’ve given it a shot, but was hesitant to get into a guessing game. It’d be nice to have that documented, so I’ll file an issue.

As far as I know, none of the slice type parameters have commas as valid characters, but if that were the case, is there a way to escape them?


I suspect there’s no way to escape them. I figure commas should be pretty uncommon for any values we’d be using this for, so I’m not too worried about it.